Electrical Engineer - Minor in Commerce - Software Engineer

About Me

Although I am formally an Electrical Engineer student, you can usually find me hacking away at my software projects on my spare time! I am a true hacker at heart, and have participated over 8+ Hackathons.

Say Jimmy, you are telling me you only code? . . .

I am also an avid Salsa/Bachata dancer, board gamer, and traveler!

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Education: University of British Columbia

Currently: Verification Software Developer Intern @ Intel

My Next Adventure: To be determined!

  • Actively searching 2020 for Summer Internships or Full Time

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Academic and Work Experience

Academic Terms Completed (6/8)


Work Terms Completed (4/5)


Proficient in the Following Technologies


Intel Corporation

Verification Software Developer

May 2018 - Present


• Utilized UVM to effectively model a base memory manager for tracking memory usage. Developed a weighted random distribution for allocating memory to reduce the amount of memory fragmentation.
• Supported optional metadata class object parameter to be passed in each malloc call; Added get_meta functionality using a sorted hash to search for the metadata attached to a previous malloc if any.
• Developed a transaction logger for fast re-processing data, shortening debug time for tracing transactions by 75%. Created a Python framework to handle user-defined types for dynamic parsing of raw data.
• Enabled filtering by free-formed types, tags, getter values, and custom print class override using a JSON file.
• Generated sequence diagrams supporting both PlantUML and mermaidjs rendering tool for pictorial viewing of transactions from a simulation.

Sierra Wireless

Software Developer in Test

May 2017 - December 2017


• Developed real-time monitoring app for any Jenkins jobs as well as Sensu clients to detect errors early.
• Designed and constructed a test bench to manage multiple targets for automating unit tests and to allocate resources for developers through HTTP requests.
• Created utility scripts for controlling target behaviours on the test bench to allow special feature testing.

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Phone: +1 778 316 5948
Email: jimmyhuang0904@hotmail.com
Hiking App for Keeping Groups Together.


Created withJava, XML, Android Studios

Github Link

Developed Jan 2018 - Release Pending


Huddle is primarily designed as an app to connect local mobile devices together using blockchain communication. It utilises the RightMesh API to allow BlueTooth connectivity between a mesh of devices in the local area without external connections (like WiFi or SMS). We targeted the hiking community due to the ubiquitous hikers within Vancouver, but the app can be used in any other fashion

What It Does

With this app, people can join groups found locally through BlueTooth connectivity from a single tap. When a user within a group trails behind any other mobile device within the same group, they will automatically lose connection to them and send an alert to everyone that the person has strayed too far.


3 others and I started this project initially from NwHacks 2018 Hackathon hosted in UBC. We ended up winning the RightMesh sponsor prize of $1000 (in Ethereum).
Here is a link to our submission: Link
Here is a link to RightMesh's Medium post: Link

Moving On / Improvements

Our team plans on solidifying couple of features such as pinpointing where user was last seen using GPS coordinates. However, due to RightMesh API being unstable (very buggy) we will wait for patches to come through and hopefully will flush the app out to the public!

Luggage Security and Monitoring.


Created withPython, Bash, Node-RED, RaspberryPi 3, Dragonboard 410C, Firebase

Project Link Description Link

Developed Feb 2018

Youtube Demo Link


Tagger is an app for securing and monitoring your luggage transfers. It is accompanied by a hardware 'tag' that attaches to your luggage, made from both Raspberry Pi 3/ Dragonboard 410C to add sensors such as temperature, humidity and location to name a few. It also broadcasts its BlueTooth signal to the surrounding for local beacons to sense its presense.

How It Works

Our app registers users into a Firebase (database) as a UUID using facial recognition that will generate a unique QR code for locking and unlocking your tagged luggage. At every point in the step of transportation, you can update your location using the QR code into camera's location. The beacon should be placed in areas where cargo is stored, or significant checkpoints and polls the surrounding BlueTooth connection for special IDs (the tags). Once the presense of these tags are known, it will automatically update the database and upon refresh of the app will show the updated status


3 others and I started this project in Hack The Valley II 2018 in Toronto and we managed to win:

  • 2nd place overall winner ($400)
  • MLH best use of Qualcomm's Dragonboard 410C
  • TransPod sponsor prize winner
Project Content

Example No.3

Pencil’s certified Bluetooth Smart wireless delivers a fast, stable connection with industry-leading power conservation

Each Pencil is milled from a single, solid piece of material. Graphite brushed aluminum model shown.

Pencil’s certified Bluetooth Smart wireless delivers a fast, stable connection with industry-leading power conservation

Each Pencil is milled from a single, solid piece of material. Graphite brushed aluminum model shown.